Hey everyone,
I don't know if it's just me or if some of you are also like that but I love going through online shopping pages like ASOS looking for things to buy but the buying nothing in the end. It's like a hobby of mine! Last week though I really needed to get a dress (for an event I'll tell you more about next week, so stay tuned for that) and so I thought why not just order some other stuff as well. And then I found this amazing lace shirt from New Look, which is by the way one of the brands I always take a look at when online shopping. The second I saw it it went staight into my shopping bag.



Hey everyone,
sooo if you could read my emotions through the way I'm writing then you'd probably ask yourself why I sound so overly excited. Well, guys todays post is about a really special trip I took yesterday. As you can read in the title I went to Hallstatt, which is a reaally small city in Austria. I've first seen it on Instagram a little longer than a year ago and from then on I've always wanted to go there ever since. We weren't even really planning on going there until Saturday 🙈



Hey everyone,
so as you have probably all heard about once or twice yesterday was quite a big event for everyone in the music business. I mean you already read it in the title, too. Yesterday the Grammy Awards were held in Los Angeles. I actually didn't get to see them since but I always really like to look at what everyone was wearing on the red carpet. Since I don't really want to say any bad words about anyone I just want to tell you about my 10 favorite dresses on the red carpet. I went through this site to have a look at some photos and see what everyone wore.



Hello everyone,
so this weekend I was shopping on my own. And by that I mean like ALONE. A thing I rarely ever do since I think it's more fun to go shopping with someone by your side and it's also helpful to get a second opinion on what suits you or what doesn't. Not that you should always listen to others about that butI personally really like to get that second opinion.