Hey everyone,
even though my last posts have already been outfit posts I just couldn't hold back sharing another outfit post with you. While I wrote about my vintage finds last week I wanted to tell you about a little obsession of mine at the moment. Maybe you could say this post is about a month too late and this outfit would have fitted perfectly on the 4th of July but somehow my obsession started a little later. This combination ot red, white and blues is just something I have really been loving lately even though you probably couldn't really see it on my Instagram. These colours are so versitile and wearing a blue denim jeans is always a good idea. After buying mostly black and white clothes for a while I first have to get into wearing colours more often again.



Hey everyone,
I have always been really impressed when I saw people wearing vintage clothes. If you live in a small town like I do it's not that easy to find some really good pieces in thrift shops. They either have pieces that are still extremely expensive or that don't fit my style at all and which I would choose for my grandma to wear. Not that my grandma isn't stylish but of course she wears different things than me. Let's say that the vintage stores near my hometown just aren't the real deal for me. That changed though when I found this bag in one of them a few days ago. It was like love at first sight. This bag looks like a brand new bag that is supposed to look like it was made in the 60's or 70's. It is really simple and I can easily fit my purse and phone in there.

Hey Leute,
ich war immer ziemlich beeindruckt, wenn ich Leute in vintage Kleidung gesehen habe. Wenn ihr in einer kleineren Stadt lebt, so wie ich, wird es euch wahrscheinlich auch etwas scherer fallen tolle Teile in Second Hand Läden zu finden. Sie haben meist entweder Teile, die deutlich über dem Budget liegen oder die gar nicht zu meinem Style passen und die ich vielleicht für meine Oma raussuchen würde, ohne zu sagen, dass meine Oma nicht stilsicher ist, aber für mich wären diese Sachen einfach nichts. Sagen wir also einfach mal, dass die Second Hand Shops in der Nähe einfach nicht so ganz das Wahre für mich waren.Das hat sich allerdings vor einigen Tagen geändert, als ich diese Tasche in einem der Läden gefunden habe. Es war ein wenig wie Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Die Tasche sieht nicht aus als wäre sie schon uralt, sondern wäre neu und von der Machart einfach dem Stil der 60er oder 70er nachempfunden. Sie ist sehr schlicht gehalten und ein Portemonnaie und ein Handy passen locker rein.


Thrift shops are a good option if you're a little tight on cash. You can find amazing things for even more amazing prices. There are thrift shops where you can basically everything from furniture to shoes and clothes. Don't give up to easily if don't find anything at first try because they always get new stuff. It feels great to wear something that has a history even though we don't really know who it belonged to before. I think that it is great to look at those old clothes sometimes instead of buying brand new stuff all the time and it is not only great for your bank account but also for our planet.

Vintageshops sind eine super Sache, wenn ihr etwas knapp bei Kasse seid. Ihr könnt dort super Sachen zu noch besseren Preisen finden. Es gibt auch Second Hand Läden in denen ihr so gut wie Alles finden könnt, von Möbeln bis zu Schuhen und Kleidung. Gebt nicht auf, falls ihr beim ersten Versuch nicht fündig werden solltet, es kommt immer wieder neuer Kram in die Läden, bei dem vielleicht genau das Richtige für euch dabei ist. Es fühlt sich toll an ein Teil zu tragen, das eine Geschichte hat, auch wenn wir diese meist nicht kennen. Ich denke, dass es gut ist sich auch manchmal nach diesen älteren Teilen umzusehen, da es nicht nur super für euren Geldbeutel, sondern auch für unsere Umwelt ist.

One thing I didn't do 'til now but I'd really want to do is find some pieces that I can change. If you are into DIY's then buying second hand pieces can be a great thing for you. I alwas feel bad when I cut some new shirts and they don't turn out the way I wanted them to. I've seen so many amazing DIY's with vintage clothes though and I would love to try some. So if you would like to see some of them male sure to leave a comment telling me what you would like to see.

Eine Sache, die ich nocht nicht ausprobiert habe, jedoch super gerne probieren würde ist es Vintage Klamotten umzuändern. Gerade, wenn ihr ein Fan von DIY'S seid könnten Second Hand Läden super für euch sein. Ich finde es immer total schade, wenn ich mir ein neues Shirt hole und es nach dem Schnibbeln nicht so aussieht, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Ich habe inzwischen so viele coole DIY's mit Vintagesachen gesehen, die ich super gerne ausprobieren würde. Wenn ihr also gerne sehen würdet, wie ich mich daran probiere alte Sachen aufzuhübschen, lasst doch gerne einen Kommentar da und schreibt auch gerne, was ihr so sehen wollt.

Bag | Vintage
similar one: Picard
Blouse | No name
similar one: Boss Orange
Jeans | H&M
Shoes| Tamaris
similar ones: Tamaris

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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Hey everyone,
it feels like the minimalistic style has been all over since Chanel's little black dress. Nowadays almost every girl has at least one black or white piece in their closet wether it is a basic white shirt, a classic black jeans or a white blouse to name some of the most popular basics. Black and white can look classic chique or cool and trendy. If you'd take a glimpse into my closet you could see that I don't only have one or two black and white pieces but that those colours more or less define my wardrobe. Even though I love colours and some of them are quite easy to style as well I feel like black and white pieces are just the most convertible and easy to combinate. When it comes to shoes I almost always go for a black or a white pair and feel really brave when I go for some colour.



Hey everyone,
a wonderful weekend has come to an end and so much has happened that I could tell you about as you may have seen on my Instagram and as you will see on the photos that are still to come. One of my favorite things this weekend was a hiking trip I did with my parents on Saturday though. To be honest we weren't hiking for that long but it was still enough to get to enjoy nature and detox from all the stress. As you may have read in my first post from Laghi di Fusine, which you can find here, I never thought I would be much of a hiking person but whenever I went on even the smallest hiking tours I actually really enjoyed it. Even though it can get a bit exhausting it is totally worth a try.



Hello everyone,
every season there are new trend colours and every season we can decide to stick to them or just wear whatever coulours we like best. Often those who aren't even interested in fashion don't have any chance to overlook the colour like this season due to the sudden mass of pieces in a certain colour from almost every brand and every store. This season I don't think you could not notice how all of a sudden there were much more yellow shirt, dresses, blouses etc. in every store, just like someone decided to sprinkle a quite huge amount of that colour all over the shop. Yellow has never really been a colour I felt really drawn to even though it's not only a trendcolour this year but has made it into the trends many times before. This year I somehow got a different feeling about yellow though and actually wanted to try something new.



Hey everyone,
there are plenty of moments when boredom comes over us because we have to much free time and there are other times when we don't even know what to do first from our list. Just like we have to think about what we want to spend our money on we gotta think about what we wanna spend our time doing. There are always the basic things like work and social life. For most of us it is hard enough to find a balance between those two things but sometimes those parts can't even really be seperated. Everyone has a different priority but with more and more time going by we can get better at balancing things and become more realxed when we have to many things to do.



Hey everyone,
this weeks post is a very special one because this week is my blogs one year anniversary. Whoop whoop!! It's so crazy that I can't even put it into words. I uploaded my first post here on the 28th of June last year. I wanted to create a place where I would be able to do what I love, which is writing about fashion, lifestyle and traveling, connecting with other people and being able to inspire others with what I do. Blogging for a whole year has always been my goal. I wanted to have something to be proud of and I feel that after this one year I can be proud of what this blog has become. For this post I would now like to tell you about some of the lessons that I learned through this one year of being a blogger.