Hey everyone,
positivity is something that can be really hard to achieve sometimes. There are so many things that can stop us from staying positive. Negativity, overthinking and doubting stop us from being happy and living in the moment.



Hey everyone,
anyone can express themselves in various ways. Walking through the streets you see people with so many different styles and even though we might not wear all of those, we should still accept them. Some people dress very feminine and some more edgy. Some like to wear skirts and some always wear trousers. There are so many clothes to choose from and there are even more clothes if you don't just look at the womens section (or for the males out there, if you don't only look at the mens section). I mean, why shouldn't us girls also try on stuff from the mens section.



Hey everyone,
I don't know how it is where you live but here in Austria ball season is kind of a thing. There a those big proms where you can go to without even knowing anyone! I don't know but for me coming from Germany this is something new. Deep inside though I have always wanted to go to those fancy events wearing wonderful dresses and having an gorgeous up-do some hairstylist did with my hair. Okay, enough with that dreaming though. I've probably watched The Princess Diaries way to often. Since we had the chance to go to those proms me and my flatmates took the opportunity and went to the Roseball, which is one of the biggest balls near Villach. Today I want to share my look from that evening with you guys and I hope you like it.



Hey everyone,
I don't know if it's just me or if some of you are also like that but I love going through online shopping pages like ASOS looking for things to buy but the buying nothing in the end. It's like a hobby of mine! Last week though I really needed to get a dress (for an event I'll tell you more about next week, so stay tuned for that) and so I thought why not just order some other stuff as well. And then I found this amazing lace shirt from New Look, which is by the way one of the brands I always take a look at when online shopping. The second I saw it it went staight into my shopping bag.