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Dear piccola me,

I know that you have been looking forward to this day for a very long time now. You've always wanted to finally experience this evening yourself and now the time has finally come. Tomorrow is going to be the night of the nights. PROM.

PROM has always seemed so far away and it's so crazy that I just have to go to sleep for one more night before it's gonna be the day of prom. Everyone has been waiting for this night for such a long time. Some bought their dresses a while ago while others bought them just a few days ago. And even though some didn't want to come in the beginning everyone is going to be there in the end. It will be the last real get together of our whole grade before everybody is going to go their seperate ways.

I'm so excited to see some people I haven't seen since school ended but I'm just as excited to see how all of my friends are going to look. I know that all of them have their appointments booked to get their make-up and/or their hair done. Everyone will look so different and I will probably be no exeption. It will be so crazy to see all those people all dressed up when you've only always seen them in their normal everyday clothes. Another thing I'm really excited about is who I'm going to talk to. Well, I don't think excited is the right word but I think you know what I mean. Maybe I'll talk to or dance with some people I actually know from my primary school or even people I have never really talked to before. Who knows?!

To quote one of my favorite movies I just hope that it will be a NIGHT TO REMEMBER (for anyone who doesn't know which movie I'm talking about, it's High School Musical 3). And I really hope that we'll all remember it in a good way and that all of us spend an amazing last night together before we all go to different universities or even travel to different countries. Who knows if there are maybe even some people I will never or barely ever see again after this night.

So here I'm sitting and waiting for my hair and nail polish to dry while writing this post so I can finally go to bed since I have to get up pretty early tomorrow. In two days I can finally tell you if all this hype about prom was really worth it. (I hope it was).

I will hopefully talk to you really soon.
Yours sincerely,

Norina xx

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