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Dear piccola me,
a few days ago I came back from my wonderful holiday in Greece. Yes, Greece! One of those countries I have never been to before. As you can probably imagine I was really excited to go there and see a different culture, a different landscape and not to forget try some new food. Corfu is a pretty small island and is only about 60 kilometers long. If you stay for a longer time you could visit all the interesting places all around the island without a problem.

My parents and I rent a car for one day so we could drive throught the mountains up to the highest point of the island. The highest mountain on the island is Mount Pantokrator and on top of it there is a little monastery which looks really amazing from the inside. And if you go there I can tell you that you will have a wonderful view over the island.

On our little trip there I was wearing one of my most worn outfits of this whole trip. I've wanted an off-the-shoulder-top for a long time, but it kind of always felt like they were squishing my arms. This one doesn't though since it hang pretty loose and also has some thin straps. I combined it with my favorite pair of shorts, which are from Pull and Bear. If you want some longer shorts that defenitaly cover your booty, these are perfect for you. For shoes I wore my black Vans that I wore most of the holidays, when we had to walk for a longer time.

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Pull and Bear (not available)
similair ones from Boohoo
Shoes: Vans 

Two days after our trip through the mountains my mum and I decided to take the bus and visit Corfu town since we weren't actually staying there but in Acharavi, which is in the north of Corfu. The town of Corfu is really pretty. There are many little shops and you don't see any big names like Zara or H&M. It is located directly at the sea so that you can also just take a little walk along the harbour. You should also take the risk and walk through the small lanes in the city even though you could get a little lost. There are so many small souvenir shops and I just felt really happy while we were there and there weren't as many people as in the rest of the city.

For our little daytrip I wore my favorite and also only playuit, which I got from Pull and Bear. It's amazing since you could dress it up for the evening or just wear it with some Vans like I did and go exploring. I also love the lace detailing on it which you can hopefully see in the photos. While I write about this outfit I also have to mention the bag I'm wearing. It is also from Pull and Bear and is like the best thing we have bought all summer. This bag is perfect to fit everything in there you need for a daytrip or a trip to the beach. It may look a little too big at first but for us it was just perfect.

 Playsuit: Pull and Bear (not available)
similar one from Pull and Bear
Shoes: Vans 
Bag: not available

We went to the beach almost every evening since it wasn't too far away from our hotel and you could always watch the beautiful sunset while you eat in one of the reataurants that are located directly at the beach. It was just wondeful to eat the delicios greek food while you listen to the waves breaking and afterwards take a little walk on the beach.

One of my favourite outfits for an evening at the beach was this dress from H&M, it is a little seathrough which I didn't find too bad for the beach. Since the dress can look fancy very easily I just wore my flip-flops with them. I actually don't wear them on the photos though because I like it much more to walk barefoot on the beach and dip your feet into the warm water of the ocean.

Dress: H&M (not available)
similar one from H&M

To come to an end I have to say that I really enjoyed my holiday on Corfu. Be sure to tell me if you have ever been to Greece or even to Corfu. If not I hope I may have inspired you on where to go on your next holiday.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

P.S.: I'm really sorry that most of the pieces aren't available anymore since I bought most of the stuff when it was on sale. Maybe they still have some of the pieces in your nearest store though and they just don't list them online :)


  1. This looks stunning! Love the outfits and looks like such an amazing place! Defintly wanting that Plam tree top for my holiday! x


    1. Thank you so much! You can see how much I wore it because it is already pretty wrinkly in those photos :D

      Norina xx

  2. It's such a lovely place for a holiday! Great pics!

    1. It really is. Thank you very much.

      Norina xx