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Dear piccola me,
just like you I really love music and listen to music the whole day. So as something like a project on this blog I thought I'd do one of those monthly favorite things but since I'm not that much into beauty products I thought I'd combine it with my love for music instead and share all those songs I loved listening to the past month. So I'll stop rambling on now and tell you about my favorite songs in the month of June.

So this months playlist consists of some old songs as well as some newer ones. Also I became really into indie as a genre so there are some pop songs as well as some indie songs.

1. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
This songs isn't really a new song and is one of my all time favorites. I still thought I'd include it this month since I listened to it non stop.

2. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
I love this song so much. It's probably one of those songs the guys don't like that much but sometimes you need someone who tells you that you deserve something better. Besides that I also love everything else about it besides the lyrics.

3. Ride - Twenty One Pilots
Even though this song was published last year I just discovered it last month and directly put it in my monthly playlist. I really, really like the style of this song and the lyrics. For especially the line 'All these questions they're for real, like "Who would you live for?" "Who would you die for?" And "Would you ever kill?"' stands out and I always start thinking about it whenever I listen to that song.

4. She Wants Me Dead - CAZZETTE vs. AronChupa
To be honest I don't even know how my friends found this song but when we were in Spain together we used to always listen to this song so that it's just one of those songs I connect with good memories. Also I find the beatdrop in this song so amazing!

5. One Dance / Too Good - Drake
I want to put these two songs together since I'd basically tell you the same about them anyway. To begin I don't really like Drake's songs their just not what I enjoy listening to. It used to be the same with those two songs but after my friends always wanted to listen to them while we were in Spain I had no chance to not listen to them and now I actually kind of like them.

6. She's So Lovely - Scouting For Girls
Even though this song was published in 2007 one of my friends showed it to me just recently and I instantly fell in love with it. It's just such a happy song you just have to sing along to.

These are all the songs I want to tell you about today. Of course there are many more songs that I listen to but lets just say these are the ones I never ever skipped ;)

Maybe you found some inspiration and you didn't know some of the songs. Please make sure to tell me your favorite song in the comments I would love to discover some new ones.

I will write you again very soon,

Norina xx

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