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Dear piccola me,
I will be on a vacation next week and because of that I thought I would do a little vacation lookbook. Before that I think I need to talk to you about fashion and what it really means to me.

First of all I have to admit that I am really into fashion. I love looking at lookbooks or looking through fashion magazines and getting inspired. It is amazing how you can try so many different styles and how those different styles can make you feel like a totally different person.

Nevertheless we have to think about the background of all those clothes. We need to think about the workers behind those clothes and how they are treated. I personally try to not buy to many clothes and always ask myself: Do I really need that? I wouldn't say that I don't have many or enough clothes though. Of course I always see those photos on Instagram or whereever and think that I want to have those pieces of clothing in my closet.

I have always been a person interested in the human rights and how people are treated. Because of that I want to tell everyone that I love clothing but I probably won't do that many posts on fashion. The best reason for this decision can be seen in the film The True Cost. We actually watched this film in school and I find that it is really interesting and gets everyone to think. There were even parts were me and a friend were almost crying because of how bad people were treated.

We always need to keep in mind that this is what we do to them. We could buy second hand clothes or clothes from fair brands. But first of all I personally decided to not buy that many clothes because I clearly don't need everything I see and like.

I hope you can all understand that and that the next time you want to buy something you ask yourself if you really need that.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

P.S.: Plese leave a comment and tell me if you are interested in fair trade clothes or even the film I mentioned because I would really enjoy writing about that a little more :)

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