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Dear piccola me.
trends come and go and that is probably how it will always be. Some trends come again and some don't. Some trends stay for a long time and others don't. For me it's always difficult to know whether I really like something or if I just want to have it because it's a trend right at this time. Most of the time I don't really like going with the trends. I have my own style and some of those trends just don't fit in with that style. So let's talk about a specific trend: Bomberjackets. Yes, I know that I'm late with this trend and you really have to tell me. But just let me explain...

As I already said I don't always like to go with the trends. When bomberjackets became a trend I wasn't really into it. My first thought was: Why do I need a bomberjacket if I could easily wear a sweatshirt jacket or just a cardigan or something. I personally don't like buying stuff when I think I don't need it and since I already owned some jacket to throw over I didn't know why I should buy a bomberjacket.

The thing is that bomberjackets now have been a trend again for quite some time and I grew to like it more and more everytime I saw a photo of someone wearing one. After a while I started to get myself a bomberjacket, too. For me it became more than just a trend. Of course it's still 'just' a jacket you can throw over any outfit you're wearing. But that's exactly what a trend has to be like for me to go with it. A bomberjacket is actually something very practical like own. You can dress it up or down and they come in so many different styles that thereis probably one for everyone, no matter what style you want to go for.

I myself decided to go for this dark green one. Well, it wasn't my first choice since I originally wanted a black one since black is like my go to colour for everything and I would have loved to wear it with a white tee and some black jeans or trousers. This green one was in sale though and I kind of liked the idea to wear something different rather than just black and white. I also really like to pair some dark red lipstick with it, as I do in the photos, because red and green go really well together.

Bomberjacket: Only
similair one: New Look
similair one: Brave Soul
Sunglasses: Humphrey's
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Vans

Besides my bomberjacket I wanted to show you some other ones I really like and that you could maybe really like, too. So please tell me in the comments, which one is your favorite and what your thought on this trend is.


I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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