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Dear piccola me,
as any reader of this blog probably knows, I have moved to Austria to live and work here for a year. If you didn't know that yet check out this post where I explain everything a bit more detailed. It has now been already two months of living here and it still is a pretty big adventure to me to live in a country I have only been to one time before, which was when I was about six years old. There is just so much stuff happening and I thought I should give you an update on how everything is going.

I arrived in Villach at the first of September with one of the other volunteers, who I gladly already got to know before. All four of us live in one flat, which is something I haven't experienced before, so you could say that I was really excited. Well, living in a flat with three other messy girls can be hard. There are always dirty dishes in the sink and we really have to push ourselves to finally clean everything up on the weekends. I have to say though that it was worse at the beginning and I am really hoping that we can improve our cleaning skills throughout the year so that our flat won't look like a disgustingly messy cave at the end of the year.

The view on our ride back home from work

Even though the cleanliness is kind of a problem, we all get along pretty well. And I am sooo glad about that. When you move in with strangers you never know how it all will turn out and I was so nervous before I met the other girls. It all turned out great though and I can already count them as friends who I can tell almost everything.

On the weekdays we have to work from 7:30-15:30 o'clock and that's really is enough. Don't get me wrong I love the kids, well most of them, and the work is pretty interesting and every day is different but it is just so exhausting. Before I started working in that Kindergarten I never thought it would be that difficult. It's just so nerve-racking when none of the kids listen to you and you have to run after them all the time.

Villach itself is a beautiful town and I enjoy living here. It's not that big though and since we don't have a car it can be hard to get to places. Nevertheless you can go on really nice walks here since there is the Drau, which is practically flowing right in front of our frontdoor. especially now when all the trees are different coulours it is amazing to take a walk on the riverside of the Drau.

I didn't want to write too much about all the things happening here but I wanted to let you know about how things are going. If you have questions about anything be sure to ask them down in the comments. Also if you have any tips on how our flat could stay more clean and organized I would be thankful if you leave them in the comment section below.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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