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Dear piccola me,
the days are getting colder and the clothes we are wearing have to become warmer. Wether it is wearing tights underneath your jeans or wearing you big wintercoat to get through this season without freezing your ass off. When it comes to fashion in fall and winter there is one thing that I think should be in everyones wardrobe. This one piece of clothing is: basic knitted jumpers.

I have to admit that I probably own too many basic jumpers but I am still always on the hunt for some new pieces to add to my collection. (At the moment I feel like I really need a red jumper because I just own one in a dark red. Yep, I give you the permission to call me crazy.) For me personally I feel like it's just really easy to throw them on and then you're all ready to go. They go with every style and you can find them in every colour you dream of. The one I wore today is this one from H&M in this rusty colour which I think is perfect for fall. I love the way that it is cut and how the way it is knit make it look like it's slimmer at the waist. That is probably the reason why I own a pretty similair jumper in black and whit which is also from H&M but was in the shops before the other one.

One thing I really like about jumpers is that nobody actually know what you're wearing since they can only see the jumper on top. When it's really freezing outside you can always wear a long-sleeve underneath or if it's just a little bit cold you could just wear a simple top underneath your jumper. Whatever you decide to wear under the jumper doesn't matter and everyone will only see your amazing jumper.

(Okay, so I know that in one of my last post I told you I would from then on always take the camera with me so that the photos would be sharper. This time we actually took the camera with us but then realised that there was no SD-card in it. So I'm really sorry and I hope that I can maybe take new photos of this outfit one day and I can show you what it really looks like.)

Anyways, as I did in my post about Bomberjackets, which you can find here, I wanted to give you some examples on products that I really like. So here are some basic jumpers I found online that you may like.

Please let me know in the comments what you are obsessed with in the A/W season and if you love knitwear as much as I do. Also if you've seen some cool red jumpers online, I'd love if you could tell me so I can check them out :)

I will talk to your really soon,

Norina xx

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