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Dear piccola me,
in my last post I told you about my fashion must haves for fall, which have definitely got to be cozy sweaters. Today I wanted to tell all of you about another thing that I can't miss inthe autumn and winter season. Even though I normally don't talk about beauty that much there is something that is just a statement for me personally and which can compliment so many outfits in this season. And this one thing I can't miss are red lipsticks!

For me personally I've got about one red lipstick each year and my obsession started about three years ago. So I thought I'd show you my three red lipsticks because I personally really love each one of them. All of them last for a really long time so I have to admit that I normally don't even try to take them off after a long night because it just gets too messy.

This first lipstick is actually the first lipstick I ever really wore and I'm so glad to own it. It's probably the longest lasting one out of the three of them. It's in this really pretty bright red, which I really like in the christmas season where everything is decorated in red, green and bright red. So for me this is actually the perfect christmas colour.
I hate to say this but it seems like Maybelline doesn't produce this lipstick anymore. Whenever I wanted to show it to my friends in the stores I couldn't find it and it's also nowhere to be found on the internet. They still have it in NON-STOP RED though which is a probably a similair colour.

This second lip colour I wanted to show you is actually not a lipstick but a matte lip cream in the colour Old Hollywood. I mean honestly, just from the name I would have bought it.This one is the newest to my collection and I really love it. The only thing i don't like that much about it is the applicator but I just apply it with my lip brush and it works out well.

Yep, I tried five times to get an at least kind of okay looking kiss on the paper but it didn't work out sso please don't judge me because of that. I asked my friends to do the other kiss stamps
The darkest liptick from my collection is this dark red-brown Delicious Lipstick Stylo in DS14 which I only found on the turkish website. Why do the bring out lipstick, make me fall in love with them and then don't make them anymore? What is this? I originally bough this liptick because I own a scraf and a jacket which include this exact colour but I ended up wearing it all winter last year. This lipstick is super smooth and doesn't feel dry on your lips at all. Also I like that it isn't to shiny but also doesn't have this extreme matte finish.

Since it seems like I won't have the chance of buying most of my favorite lipsticks again I would love to hear about some suggestions from you guys. I'm always looking for some long-lasting red lipstick to add to my small collection.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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