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Dear piccola me,
today's post should have actually been about how we traveled to Tarvisio in Italy last Sunday. I had it all laid out in my head. The pictures I saw online of the lakes there looked absolutely stunning and I wanted to take some photos like that to. We wanted to take the only train there was on Sunday morning to go there and wander all the way up to the lakes. Sounds like a plan? Well, at least we thought so.

Sunday morning came and everything seemed alright until we actually took a look at the clock in our kitchen. Shit! We had about ten minutes to get ready and get to the train. So we ran there and me and Anna ran to the track to hold the train while Shane got us our tickets. The thing we didn't consider was that there were two ways to get to the track. So fate took its course and she took the other way so that we didn't see her. The train set off and the two of us were left at the track. Shortly afterwards we got a message that Shane was already on the train and on her way to Tarvisio. Could it get any better? Yes it could!

Since we didn't really know what to do Anna and I went to the information office at the train station to ask about the possibilities we had. It appeared that the train didn't stop anywhere else on its way to Italy and that Shane couldn't get back that quickly since the next train back would arrive there at about 7pm. The guy at the information office told us that the two of us could take the next train to Arnoldstein though and take a taxi from there since it's much closer to Tarvisio than Villach. So Anna and I took the train ending up in Arnoldstein, which is a pretty small village (there are almost 7.000 people living there) at the border to Italy. So far so good. Seems like everything would go at least half as planned.

That's when we found out about the next problem though. The taxi would have to come from Villach, since they didn't seem to have taxis in Arnoldstein, which would have costed us 65€. So that didn't go as planned. In the end though Shane was able to catch a taxi from Tarvisio to Arnoldstein and got to us. We were finally all together again and spend about two hours on a wall next to an old ruin, eating everything we packed for the trip we had originally planned.

You now may ask why I told you all of this (if you even made it this far). The point of me telling you all of this is to let you know that things may not always go as planned. In the end it will all turn out fine though and you may have a funny story to tell or an event that  brought you and your friends even closer together. This may be a bad example since it was our own fault that we were lat but I hope that you get what I'm saying. So whenever something doesn't go as planned just go on living your life and try to make the best out of it. Who knows what it'll be good for in the end!

If you got till the end then thank you so very much for reading. I don't know if you find stories like this one interesting or if you want to know more about my life here in Austria so I would be glad if you could leave a comment telling me what you would like to read more about on this blog. I'd be so happy to hear from you!

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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