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Dear piccola me,
the following post is just me rambling on about my week. So for me personally there is an amazing week coming up and everyday I wake up being more and more excited. But with the excitement comes the stress. Like one of my favourite quotes says: If you want the rainbow you have to deal with the rain. (Yes, it's from The Fault In Our Stars)

Well, first of all it's the getting closer and closer to Christmas Eve, we all have to get the last Christmas presents. If you don't have to do this anymore because you're that organised than I honestly don't know you do that. I've always been a person to get all the presents last-minute since I never know what to give people and if I have an idea then I also have to get the presents somehow. The whole combination is probably just too much for me.
This year though I am not only stressed because of all the Christmas shopping. As you may have read in my last update about my life in Austria, which you can find here, work is also really exhausting. We have little Christmas celebrations coming up in each kindergarten group this week and then we have a Christmas party with our colleges. So yeah there's a lot going on this week.

There is one very important thing though I am really excited about. Yes, it is actually the weekend but it's not just like any other average weekend I've spent here in Austria. I'm going home! Well, I'm only going to be home over the holidays and New Years Eve but I am soooo excited to see all my family and friends and I simply cant wait to get home asap. The flight is leaving on Friday morning so that I can spend a whole day before Christmas with my parents and just have an amazing day talking about everything I've experienced here and also what happened at home. It will be so awesome to see everyone after four months of only seeing them on my phone display. And also Christmas is like the best time of the year and I get to spend it with the people I love most. (Sorry to my flatmates if you read this but you know what I mean) Okay, I can't even put in words how excited I am, but read this with as much excitement in your voice as you can and you may get close to what I'm feeling.

So the excitement is always there but sometimes the stress and all four of my flatmates including me being sick doesn't really help it. I wrote this post lying in bed straight after work but I can tell you that there is gonna be more to come on this blog. This blog has been up far about half a year now and I want to do more fashion related post and more quality content. That wasn't really a thing for my last posts. I hope I'll get better when I'm home so I can go out and shoot lots of looks for all of you.

Okay, this has been more of a chatty post. I personally like to just write like this sometimes so let me know in the comments if you enjoy reading posts like this. You can also let me know what kind of stuff you want to read more on here but I think I have a few good ideas for some upcoming posts.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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