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Dear piccola me,
I feel like a big trend last year have been off-the-shoulder shirts or shirts that had cut-outs in the shoulder areas. I personally really liked the trend and really wanted one of those shirts for summer but I think that just recently I have actually found the perfect cut-out shirt for my body type, since most of those I tried on in summer made me look really awkward in my opinion.

If you want to buy a shirt with cut-outs you're gonna have to look on how it fits your body. In summer I've mostly tried on shirt which had a rather high neck and weren't cut really low on the shoulder section. Because of that the cut-out was wider than it was low. On my body that gave the illusion that I have really broad shoulders. I've talked to friends about it and many of them had the same problem with some shirts. Those cut-outs are great for people who are really slim in the shoulder area and can handle the little broadness those shirts give to their shoulders.

For other people like me who already have shoulder that are a little more broad I recommend different shirts. Many of you my have seen my off-the-shoulder shirt I wore in my Corfu Lookbook, which you can find here. The 'cut-outs' in this shirt are lower on the arms and since it just has those little spagetti-straps it doesn't make your shoulders look wider than they are and doesn't make them stand out so much. Also this top is just really flowy and comfortable to wear. It was definitely one of my favorite pieces last summer.

The shirt I found just recently has to be one of my favorite ones to go out right now and I've actually bought it for New Years Eve. The cut-outs are similar to the ones I told you about before since they are lower on the arm and are not as wide on the shoulders. So even though this shirt doesn't have a deep neckline it still doesn't make you look like you've been a professional swimmer your whole life and have that many back and shoulder muscles. (This should be no offence in any way to anyone who is a swimmer, I just don't like the broad shoulder look on my body.)

What experiences did you have with those kind of shirts and do you own any cut-out shirts?

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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