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Dear piccola me,
guess who's back, back again... Yes, I can finally say that I'm back again. It hasn't been that long but I hated that I couldn't upload anything good on here for a few weeks. I've been sick the week I got back to Austria. And by sick I mean throwing up sick (tmi, I know) Anyways, I was now finally able to take photos again and not go straight to bed after work.

I actually had to borrow that shirt from one of my flatmates who bought it yesterday since I wasn't able to go shopping and got frustrated doing online shopping. (Also a big thank you to her for taking these amazing photos, check out her Instagram here.) I've seen many shirts like this all around the internet and it seems like those shirts you can tie in the back or on the sides are kind of a trend right now. Honestly I have to say that I really like the trend since I've been into bows like these for a long time. It just give a simple shirt like this one something special and makes it look a little extraordinary. (Even though there are many shirts like this one now so that it isn't really extraordinary anymore)

The bow in the back also makes the shirt look a bit more sexy due to the lower back just watch out that you have nice friends who do not always untie the back because I definitely know some people who would do that. I actually also like the idea of ties on the ends of the sleeves. To me sleeves can just look a little boring sometimes and I'd love to have a simple pullover on which I could tie little bows on the ends of the sleeves. I'll try to find some other examples and link them for you on the bottom of this post. Please also make sure to tell me your opinion on this trend in the comments below.

I've already thought about some cool posts for the future but if you have any ideas for fashion or lifestyle posts you want to read more about on here soon then make sure to leave a comment. I'm hoping on making some content you really enjoy reading this year.

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

P.S. Here are a few pullovers and shirts I've found that have tie up accents.


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