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Hey everyone!
Paris, the city of love, artists and old movies. Without a doubt Paris is one of the most popular cities in Europe and it has definitely has been on my bucket list for a long long time. It's just everything about it that made me want to visit the city so badly. Many of the Audrey Hepburn movies take place in Paris so this was of course another plus for a fan like me. Just like many other cities there is so much to see like the Eiffel tower or the Louvre. It was a long time ago that one of my friends and I decided we would do a bus trip there. There are many companies that offer bus trips to Paris where you drive at night and stay there for about twelve hours before going back. So this summer it was finally time for us to fulfill our dreams and visit the city of love. There were some things though that we didn't really know about before or just found out doing our research. So hear me out on this one if you ever plan to visit Paris.


1. Be prepared for long walks

One thing we only first realised when we were planning our route was that the sights in Paris are actually quite far apart from each other. For example it took us about an hour to walk from Notre-Dame over to the Eiffel tower. If this could be a problem for you you should consider taking the metro to get from place to place. Otherwise just pack your walking shoes and you're basically good to go.

2. The metro is pretty cheap

Following my first point on this list this might be something for the people who aren't really into walking that much. This is something I just found out when me and my friend were too tired to walk to Sacre-Coeur but we still had plenty of time left. It cost us 1,70€ to go from the Lafayette to Sacre-Couer with the tram which is so much more cheaper than we expected. You might think about buying a ticket for a whole day but for us it worked out just fine to walk anywhere else and just use the metro to get to Montmatre (and back of course).

3. Eiffel tower

All people prefer different things and have different priorities on what they want to see but one thing I think everybody wants to see when visiting Paris is the Eiffel tower. Before our trip I've read that it is best to go there in the early morning because it won't be that crowded then but we went in the late morning and it was totally fine. Well, we didn't want to go up the Eiffel tower anyways so that problem wasn't in our way. You should maybe consider doing the same since tickets that include walking around the queue cost about 40€ if you don't want to go to the 3rd floor. Ain't nobody has money or time for that. Maybe you have but we were just two poor students spending one day there so we didn't. It's impressive enough standing right in front of it anyways. I have to say that we were a little blown away and that was one of the moments we realised we were actually in Paris.

4. Macaroons

One of the most important thing wherever you go is finding cheap food and souvenirs. Well, with this you have both in one. Macaroons are an amazing gift for anyone and they don't have to be extremely expensive. While walking through Pairs you will see those little desserts everywhere. We found that one of the cheapest places to get macaroons was either McCafĂ© or a bakery named Paul. We each bought a package of 12 macaroons for 10€ there and from what I tried they taste really great.

5. Lafayette

I wanted to put the Lafayette on this list because it was something I didn't have in mind at first when I looked for what to do and where to go in Paris. It was only when it started raining on the actual day we went to Paris that I thought of it. If you have enough time the Lafayette is something you might want to see. It's kind of a mall with many luxurious brand and the building is amazing. So if it should rain when you're in Paris this could be a place to go.

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I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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