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Hey everyone,
for most of us there will come or there has been the time when we must say goodbye to our family and move into our own first flat. Whether you start studying or working in a different city or you want to start your own family one day the day will come. It will probably be a sad but also an amazing day speaking from my own experience. Of course, it can be hard to leave home and start living a different life all on your own but when one door closes another one opens, right? I am definitely not saying this to make moving sound easy since this is clearly not always the case but when you come to the point in your life where you have to move then you should try to stay positive. There are so many wonderful things that are going to happen and you will gain so much experience and in the end, you will not be gone forever. There is always a chance to come back home.

This may already be one of the reasons I think moving abroad is always a good idea. After graduating high school I’ve now already lived in another country and moved to the Netherlands just a few weeks ago, as some of you might have seen over on Instagram. It was actually not my plan to move into another country again until I found a study program that really interested me and just so happened to take place in the Netherlands. Even though I’ve only really lived here for a few weeks I have already experienced so many things that I don’t think I would’ve experienced at home and so I thought that today I would talk to you about why I think moving abroad could be just the right thing for many of you.

1. You can always come back home

As I’ve already mentioned moving abroad is not the end of the world, you can always go back home for the holidays or even move back home after living abroad for a little while. But maybe you will like it so much that you don’t even want to go back. For myself I don’t know if I’m ever fully going back to Germany but I could imagine going back after graduating. There is nothing to loose in trying.

2. Different people and culture

When living abroad you get confronted with a completely different culture and so many different people that you would’ve never gotten to know without moving there. After a few weeks, I have already seen plenty of differences to my home country and I’m so interested to get to know even more about the traditions and people here in the Netherlands. 

3. Experiencing a different surrounding and landscape

Another thing might also be the landscape in the new country. Here in the Netherlands I’m living in a big city that is also close the North Sea and even though I would have had the chance to move to the North Sea in Germany this is still very different. So, if you’re in love with the mountains why not move to Austria or if you love warmer weather you could move to a country that is more in the south. 

4. Internalizing a new language

One of the most important things I want to mention is also the language. Besides the culture and the people, you will also get the chance to learn a new language or internalize a language you have learned in high school or college. Learning languages is always good so that you can communicate with even more people and it will also not look bad on your letter of application.

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I will talk to you really soon,
Norina xx

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