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October has started and the time has come where people drinks lots of hot tea and wear fuzzy socks and big scarfs that might look more like blankets than actual scarfs. Even though I've always been a child of the summer, loving the beach, the sun and the heat I must say that in the last few years I've fallen more and more in love with the autumn season. It is about the little things in autumn that matter. Whether it's the sound of leaves cracking under your shoes or the feeling when you cuddle into your warm blanket watching a movie. All those little moments of happiness are important to make our day a better day. A collection of little things or moments can make us happier and we should focus on them in order to become a little more positive sometimes.

This weekend my parents and I went to a local pumpkin farm and it was one of the greatest places I've ever seen. There were pumpkin decorations all over the place. Pumpkins with little faces drawn on them, pumpkin scarecrows sitting on a swings and a curtain made of several tiny pumpkins. The whole atmosphere surrounding this place instantly made me happy. It is moments like this when you realised how wonderful life and be and how lucky you can be to be at that place at that time.

I've talked about it in posts before but on of the most basic little things that can instantly make anyone happy are smiles. Just smile at people and you will notice the effect it has on them when they notice it. Of course there can always be grumpy people but even though they don't show any emotion they might smile a little on the inside.

Sit down and drink a nice cup of tea or cocoa or whichever hot beverage you prefer. Take your time to relax and it will make you feel much better. Enjoy the moment of totally doing nothing but drinking your favourite hot drink and stay silent for a little while. These are the moments we all need sometimes and we should take our time for them instead of rushing from one task to the other and just drink or eat while doing that.

For me currently on of the most important things that make me happy is seeing my mum and dad and friends. Living abroad you really get to think about how lucky you are to have them. (Yes mum, I know you're reading this and I'm really lucky to always have you by my side) When living with your family take a moment to think about that. It is spending a wonderful time with the people we love and who love us that makes us completely happy, or at least it should.

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I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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