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When I was younger I often pictured myself to grow up to be a business lady running around in pencil skirts, nice white blouses and some black pumps with kitten heels. That was how I thought a girl boss should look like. Luckily though the image of business women in the world changed because pencil skirts and blouses all day every day would have become boring one day. When looking at today's working women they do not (all) wear pencil skirts and a white blouse doesn't have to be an essential either. I've seen many trousers in shops that I personally really like and also think are perfect for an office job, just like these trousers I found at Mango. They are definitely one of the most comfortable pair of trousers I own and they look amazing. What else does a woman need?

The working world has changed a lot over the last few decades and so did fashion. Women don't have to wear skirts anymore but can now wear pants to work. Personally, I think that workwear has become way more fashionable and I love the unique styles that can be worn to the office. Whether it is oversized blazer or blouse or nice flats, a modern business outfit does not have to be boring and look the same every day.

This look could be seen as one way of creating a business outfit depending on how strict the dress code for your workplace is. I like wearing outfits like this for uni though and those pants a honestly some of the most comfortable ones I own, besides my other pair that looks almost the same and makes you feel like wearing pajama pants. I love how they are really versatile and could be dressed up by wearing a blouse or more casual by paring them with a shirt and some sneakers. To be honest I can’t wait to buy some more cute pullovers and shoes for winter and autumn that I can wear with them. The shape cinches you in at the waist which I think looks really nice or can look nice on many people. 

Shirt | Mango
Trousers | Mango
Shoes | Tommy Hilfiger
Watch | Daniel Wellington

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx 

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