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There are times when you just really need to take a break. For that break I feel like Yoga is the perfect activity. I've been to Yoga classes before and I loved it! I always found Yoga interesting. Yoga is a perfect combination of activity and relaxing. In the Yoga classes I went to we always had and relaxation in the beginning which really helped you to get into the feeling and leave all the problems and bad thoughts outside. For me it was not just a sport but also a break from over thinking and a time that I could just concentrate on me and my body. Since I've danced until I was 18 some of the movements might have come more easily for me but I was so impressed with what all different kinds of people in this class could do. (And right now I'm just hoping I will still be that active when I get older)

Yoga is originally from India but you can find yoga classes in almost every local gym nowadays. I would even tend to say that yoga has more or less become a trend all over the world a few years ago. Personally, I have seen it all over Instagram and Youtube and feel like more and more people get into yoga. And I totally understand why. Yoga is very different from going to the gym and doing cardio workouts. It's more about slow, fluid movements and concentration. Another very important part is breathing, which I have to say was very weird to me at first but after concentrating on it I even had sore belly muscles the next day. Especially the breathing I something that can also be used in your everyday life. Depending on the exercise you should maybe think about going into a private room though; it can sound quite weird. The asanas, as the yoga poses are called, are not too hard and most of the times there is an easier version one can do. This way, yoga is something everyone can do and should try. So don't be afraid to try it.

Side note: This post was not sponsored by Domyos, we just wanted to play around with the focus on the camera and I love their stuff.

Have any of you ever tried yoga and what were your experiences? 

I will talk to you really soon,

Norina xx

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